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Choose your perspective,

and make change happen, today.


You wake up every morning with more questions but no solutions.

You are thinking about a new life or career path but unsure about the next step
You recently experienced a big change in your life, and can't seem to move on.

How can you get unstucK, 
make change happen,

and move forward ?


Gain a deeper understanding of what might be holding you back


Develop confidence and clarity about your purpose and your goals


Open up new possibilities for real action and achieve lasting change



How can I help you ?



Our minds are wired to have safety, stability and comfort. So when changes happen, they can be scary and stressful, and create uncertainty in our lives.

As a transition coach, I partner with you to effectuate change, supporting you along the many twists and turns that life takes, with confidence and clarity.

I work with people living all kinds of transition; people who are (re-)entering the workforce, people whose personal or career dreams took a back seat while caring for children or parents, people who need guidance to find a sense of purpose when building their lives, their relationships or their careers, or simply bring these back to some state of “normalcy.”

I help you set up a clear path that will take you

from where you are to where you want to be.

Coaching is an action-oriented, future-focused partnership. Through the process, you gain awareness of who you are and what is important to you, discover your strengths and your potential, remove mental obstacles and stuck points, build confidence, in order to bring real, tangible and measurable change in the your life.

Each coaching experience is uniquely tailored to you — you set the goals — I provide the structure and tools. Together, we make change happen.

So how about working together to make change happen?

How I can help


You are in a space in your life where you are considering a shift, ready to recalibrate and looking for an accountability partner to help you move through this new challenge. You want to clarify your values, your strengths and your goals. You are ready to get outside of your comfort zone.This is the time to reset — to lose what you no longer need and embrace what you do.


I help you move through challenges you aren’t able to move through on your own in the way you want. You will experience more ease in prioritizing your options, and can start problem solving and actively moving toward a solution, making values-based choices, and creating clear actionable next steps.


You may have recently been laid off, are returning to work after a break, or stepping into a new role. Maybe you took leave to care for a loved one, or started a family. Perhaps you’re in a job and “doing well”, but it just doesn’t feel right to you. Coaching can support you to grow and develop by providing a reflective space to see new opportunities, identify your needs, and develop a solid action plan.



About me


As a Certified Developmental Coach (ACC), I support you through life and career transitions.


In no particular order, I am a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a travel junkie, a compulsive learner, a passionate foodie, a stand up paddler, a yogi, an intermittent creative. And ever since I can remember, I have had a natural curiosity to listen to other people’s stories and questionings.


My coaching journey started out of my desire to understand how individuals navigate difficult transitions. Whether it is moving half-way across the globe, considering a career change, moving on from a relationship or coping with separation or retirement, it is my firm belief that, with the right tools and supports, any transition can be a great transition.

Coaching has helped me to grow, to be more self-aware, more emotionally intelligent, more courageous to go after the things I want and love, and to be more sure of my decisions. 

Today, with 20+ years as a global marketing executive, in addition to years of entrepreneurial and mentoring experience, I bring my expertise into practice with women and men of all ages, all around the world, during some of the most important transitions in their lives. 

My mission is to make sure you put your best foot forward. Which path you take is up to you. The goal: a happy life. And to me, that is all that matters.

About me

“You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.”

C.C. Lewis

Do I really need a coach ?

Good question. And an important one.

If you're dealing with tough decisions in life sometimes you seek an objective voice that can provide a unique perspective on your life situation so that you can move forward with clarity and confidence.

Where can you go when:

  • something isn’t right about your life, your job or your relationship, but you’re not sure what that is;

  • you feel stuck;

  • you want to think clearly and take action;

  • change is needed and you don’t know where to start;

  • you want to talk with an impartial third party who can help you think things through;

  • you want an accountability partner to support you as you make a big change?

These are needs, real needs. And this is where a coach fits in.

As your coach I will be your partner, your travel companion.

I ask you  the right questions so that you can come to your own solutions. I’m not a consultant, I’m not going to analyze you and tell you what you need to do.

I'm the one who encourages you to think deeper, to consider new perspectives and to find your own resources and creative solutions. I will support you, challenge you, inspire you to take action to achieve your goals, and hold you accountable.


Could you do it alone? Probably. But having a trusted support system in place will help you move forward significantly faster!

What people say


United Nations Professional

I have benefited a lot from Monica's excellent coaching skills, empathy and capacity to hold the space for me to reflect.

Thanks a lot to her, I have been building up my self-awareness and resilience in the face of various life and professional challenges.

I recommend Monica to anyone seeking a professional coach to work on resilience, life and career transition as well as personal development. 


Business associate

I was lucky to have Monica as my mentor as part of the Career Mentoring program at the University of Geneva, 2019.

During my transition from student to professional life, she was helping me develop and improve my skills with different techniques. She is an inspiring motivator and coach that helps the person become aware of all the possibilities and ways of professional and personal expansion.

After every session with her, I was discovering something new while trying to get out of my comfort zone at the same time. She is still my mentor and whenever I need a great listener and a wise person to talk with, Monica is the one I call.


Dental surgeon

Monica's coaching allowed me not only to identify the reasons for conflictual situations that I seemed to nurture with certain people but also and above all, to know how to respond effectively in future similar situations.

Through our sessions, I became aware of the immense importance of nuances in the formulation of our responses towards others. 

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