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Transition coaching

You’re in transition. You may know that you want a new job, but just not sure what or how; you may be getting married, moving into another country or perhaps all of three at the same time. This is the time to reset — to lose what you no longer need and embrace what you do.

As your coach, I will work with you to press pause, (re)gain control of your brain and shift that stress and anxiety toward happiness, creativity and efficiency, helping you figure out where you’d rather be.

Hereafter are some of the goals my transition clients have achieved:

  • Make a significant career pivot out of a lifelong career

  • Post-college transition into independent adulthood and an enjoyable career

  • Move to a new country

  • Reconsider work-life balance (for both partners) after becoming a new family

  • Retire early

  • Build confidence and new relationships after a divorce, a breakup or losing a loved one

  • Working through grief towards recovery

Are you ready to make that next great move today ?

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