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Career coaching

You may have recently been laid off, or are returning to work after a five or 10-year break. Maybe you took leave to care for a loved one, maybe you started a family. Perhaps you’re in a job and “doing well” according to traditional metrics of success, but it just doesn’t feel right to you. And yet:

  1. You know exactly what you want to do and are having a tough time getting there.

  2. You don’t know where you want to be (yet), but you know you can no longer stay where you are!

When we work together, I help you see what’s possible. We determine whether you want to pursue a job, a career, or your calling, and then we get after it.​

Most of my clients are mid-career or senior professionals going through a period of transition and reassessment - looking for personal and professional growth in their current situation, eager to tackle bigger challenges and develop their leadership and managerial skills, or looking for new opportunities in their career.

I also work with university students and young professionals towards clarifying their vision and priorities, uncovering their natural talents, and cultivating greater courage and creativity to be able to live and lead from a place of authenticity.


Below are some of the topics my clients are facing:

  • Change in job status or career

  • Integrating balance between work & family

  • Exploring a new career path or business

  • Implementing an effective action plan

  • Managing your own strengths and talents, and using them to accomplish work projects

  • Overcoming and managing the stress

  • Finding sources of motivation

Are you ready to make that next great move today ?

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