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Life coaching

I help you move through challenges you aren’t able to move through on your own in the way you want. We will identify what you want to hope for, strive for and ultimately build. You will experience more ease in prioritizing the options in front of you, and can start problem solving and actively moving toward a solution, making values-based choices, and creating clear actionable next steps.

The focus of your sessions is based entirely on the aspects of your life that you want to improve. Here are a number of topic suggestions:

Personal growth:

  • Gain clarity on where you are currently in life and what your purpose is

  • Discovering solutions to life’s challenging events, by seeing opportunities instead of problems and creating a positive mindset


  • Defining goals and developing a plan for making them a reality

  • Creating and implementing new habits, systems, or patterns


  • Changes in a significant relationship or family structure

  • Starting a new life when a relationship is over

  • Losing a loved one

Are you ready to make that next great move today ?

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