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Is it the right time for you to make a major life change you may have been thinking about? As they say, timing is everything. If you are thinking about making a change but have not yet done it, that may be because you are not sure if you are really ready. There are many factors that go into the decision to make a change and when to do so.


Learn whether now is the right time, by completing the items of the transition quiz below. It will take you less than 5 minutes, I promise! 


Rate each statement on a scale of 1-5. Select the answer that best represents your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors regarding the potential for change. Choose how true each statement is for you.

1              2              3              4              5

Less true                                   More true

PLEASE NOTE: this assessment is not intended to provide a psychological or psychiatric diagnosis and your completion of the test does not indicate a professional counselling or coaching relationship with me.

1. I have many unsettled things in my life to deal with right now.
2. I know that I need to make a major change in my life. I have not done so yet because I am not sure what part of my life I want to change.
3. My moods have been changing a lot lately. One day I feel great and the next day I am frustrated or upset.
4. I recently made a major change and am adjusting to all the impacts it has had on my life.
5. I have a general idea for a major life change that could be incredible, but I’m not sure how I would start.
6. If I could, I would make a change as soon as possible; however, I am not able to afford it right now.
7. My partner or family members are currently opposed to some of my ideas for changes because of the effects the change would have on them.
8. I’m thinking that it might be a good time to start planning for a change, but not necessarily to make it.
9. I have been saving up to make a change for a while now and am about 60% there.
10. A good friend recently suggested a new undertaking for me which sounds very exciting.
11. I commonly have thoughts like, “If I change something now, I will feel less unmotivated and focused.”
12. I have been feeling down lately and my mood has been blue.
13. I’ve been putting off a major change for a while and I’m not sure that anything is different enough to make now the right time.
14. I recently suffered a major loss, such as a death or job layoff and I am having a hard time coping with it.
15. At least two people have told me lately that I haven’t really been myself.
16. On a typical day, I feel dissatisfied with several aspects of my life.
17. I often feel like I am very much influenced by other’s opinions and have a tough time making my own decisions. Someone has been encouraging me to make a certain change lately and I may be considering the change because they recommend it.
18. It is typical for me to think that I “should” do something differently but not to know exactly what I need to do.
19. I frequently think, “maybe I need to take a major risk one of these days.”
20. When I think about making the change, I get so nervous that I cannot function well.
21. The reason that I want to make a change is that I think it would be the one (and only) thing that would lead to my happiness.
22. I do not feel emotionally ready to tackle a new obstacle right now.
23. If I stick with my current situation (relationship, job, etc.) for a little while longer, there is likely to be a major payoff or advancement.
24. The main factor that makes me want to make a drastic change is that I am bored and not content.
25. Others could be potentially negatively affected by my decision to make a change.
26. I am a bit unsure about all the factors that are involved in my decision. I may need to get more information to help me learn all the details.
27. My plans in the near future involve multiple changes at the same time (such as moving, new job, having a baby, getting a pet, etc.)
28. There is no way I could afford to make the change I am thinking about and still comfortably eat, pay my bills, and pay my rent.
29. My reason for wanting a change is to change somebody else.
30. At least a couple people have told me to think carefully about making this change because I may not be ready for it right now.
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